Multicultural; How Are WE Alike?

1. Why shouldn't you sweep the floor during the first day of Tet?

 2. The United States Hispanic population ranks what in the world?

 3. How many African-American students attended Central High School in Little Rock in 1957?

4. What Italian REALLY discovered America?

5. What is the Royal Family's Last Name?

6. How often should a person of Muslim belief pray?

  1. According to an old quote, what is the first necessary of Chinese people?

  3. What does the name Indian name Aabharan mean?

  5. What day is Neujahr on the German calendar?

  7. Where do the Saemieh (Sami) people live?



  1. You many sweep out the good fortune.
  2. Fifth
  3. Nine
  4. Bjarni Herjolfsson in 986
  5. Mountbatten-Windsor
  6. 5 times a day
  7. food
  8. diligent and persevering worker
  9. New Year's Day
  10. Scandinavian Peninsula